Jody Cramer - Favorite Quotes & Inspiration

  • "The beautiful is a manifestation of the secret laws of nature... When nature begins to reveal her open secret to a person, he feels an irresistible longing for her most worthy interpreter, art." - Johann Wolfgang Goethe

  • Einstein said the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious, it is the source of all true art and science.

  • I love the Op Art of Yaacov Agam, the Israeli Artist whose lenticulars and polymorphic artwork are so precise with extremely meticulous craftsmanship. His use of color theory and the kinetic nature of his art is inspirational for me. Although my work is quite different from his style, the optical illusion and perceptual color flipping is something that we have in common.
    • It becomes an aesthetic of "absence," the polarity of the known and unknown fuse in the fourth dimension, in a state of constant flux. The state of becoming achieves a visual synthesis in counterpoint. - Agam
    • What could have been a passive spectator relationship shifts to invite participation to alter the piece or the visual perception of the piece. Thus the painter-viewer dichotomy is destroyed. - "Homage to Yaacov Agam"

  • Wassily Kandinsky
    • Words, musical tone, and colors possess the psychical power of calling forth our vibrations... ultimately bringing about the attainment of knowledge. - Kandinsky
    • "The human tendency toward fossilizing of form is shocking even tragic," wrote painter Wassily Kandinsky in a letter to composer Arnold Shoenberg. "Yesterday the man who exhibited a new form was condemned. Today the same form has become immovable law of all time. This is tragic because it shows over and over that human beings depend mostly on externals."

  • "The unprecedented scientific progress of the last century has revealed whole vistas of information which had hitherto been beyond the human ken. At the same time, however, it has served to underscore by how much the unknown still exceeds the known. Our ignorance far outweighs our knowledge.
    A very prosaic illustration of this truth is found where physical sight is concerned. Today the scientist informs us that there are entire ranges of wave-lengths which our eyes literally cannot see. The wave-lengths of the visible spectrum range from red at one end to violet at the other. These do not exhaust all the existing wave-lengths. Indeed, these are actually only a small portion of the many wave-lengths which exist. Invisible to our eyes, there are the infra-red beyond the red, and beyond the violet at the other end of the spectrum, there are ultra-violet wave-lengths. Nor are these all. Beyond these, there are many more wave-lengths no human eye has even seen because of its own physical limitations. It would appear then that even in the physical realm we are equipped to see only a fragment of reality, a small arc of the infinite circle." - Sidney Greenberg
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